Deaf Awareness

I believe the most useful technology for seniors with hearing loss would be The Neosonic Hearing Amplifier, especially for our residents who are sensitive about their hearing loss. The wireless amplifier could be used without announcing to the world that there is an issue with hearing. This would eliminate someone having to shout in the person’s ear, thus allowing everyone nearby to overhear the conversation.

The Medallion series wireless doorbell transmitter would work well for a couple of our residents. They have requested that we knock very loudly on their door to alert them when we are there to assist them. They are not always able to hear us knocking, but their neighbors hear us very well. A doorbell would alert them without annoying residents living nearby.

The Central Alert Cell Phone Ringer/Flasher would also be a great option for our residents with hearing issues. The flasher would alert them to the call, allowing them to see that the phone was ringing. They would not have to rely on the sound of the phone. There is also an option for shaking the bed to alert the resident of the call. I’m not sure that would work for all residents as it might frighten them, but some would prefer the bed shaking approach.

There are a number of new products available for residents with hearing loss. I have listed a few of the devices available. You can explore more technological devices at the Hearing Loss Association of America. We at Gentry Park are always excited to assist our residents in obtaining new technology.

doctor helping senior patient with hearing aid , close-up