Move More Month

“In January 2020, the Board of Directors of the AVA: America’s Walking Club, declared the first seven days of April to be “National Walking Week” which would include the traditional “National Walking Day” sponsored by the American Heart Association from 2007 to 2019.”

At Gentry Park Senior Living in Bloomington, IN, we strive to make sure that our residents stay active and healthy to ensure they enjoy their golden years in the best ways possible! Each of our residents has unique interests when it comes to fitness – some enjoy walking outdoors at local parks while others get their workout in at our cardio drumming classes. With that in mind, we adapt our fitness programs according to the tastes of our residents, utilizing both in-house fitness classes and our vendor partnerships to provide a variety of choices for our residents to stay active. Due to our unique resident group, the classes we provide may vary from those of our sister communities so that we are all meeting the needs of our individual residents. 

We offer various exercise classes six days a week for residents of all abilities. We have organized walking groups and encourage residents to walk our halls when the weather is not ideal and to walk our outside path when the weather is nice. The halls don’t offer much scenery, so walking outdoors is always the preferred location. Seasonally we go to different parks around the city to walk their trails and enjoy the change of scenery.

We also encourage residents to come to the different activities and events throughout the day. Even if the activity is done sitting, they are still keeping their minds active! Some low-impact exercise activities include gentle yoga class, beach volleyball, and yard games.

When we think of celebrating National Walking Week, we don’t just see a way to stay active. We see an opportunity to interact with those in our communities and meet new friends along the way. In celebration of this week, walkers are encouraged to find the motivation to get active.

To celebrate National Walking Week, we will kick the week off with a walk around the Gentry Park trail, hand out pedometers, and then celebrate our accomplishments on National Walking Day at the end of the week. As Resident Services Director, I will continue to plan walking club activities throughout the year – walking in our community as well as visiting different parks in our city to enjoy the many walking trails.

If you would like to participate in National Walking Week efforts in your area, visit to find out more!