Spring Cleaning Week

At Gentry Park Senior Living Bloomington, IN we have several activities we complete to “spring clean” the community. The team starts by cleaning closets and going through what needs purged.  If it isn’t being used, we get rid of it. On the outside of the building we look closely at the gutters and splash blocks to see if they need to be washed or adjusted. We also clean every window in the entire building. Yes, we do windows.

It provides great satisfaction knowing the building is clean for our residents and shows well to the public. Spring cleaning provides an opportunity for us to discover things that may be broken and need pitched, and to make room for new products. Another benefit of spring cleaning is it helps us stay in compliance with federal and state regulations.

Part of my spring cleaning at home includes replacing the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. I always do that on my birthday. I’ll also fire up the lawn mowers to make sure they are ready for the season by changing the oil and sharpening the blades. Spring cleaning is a sign winter is over and the warm days of summer are just ahead.