October 21, 2022

Gentry Park Senior Living Brings Story Corner to the Community

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Author: Sarah Ramusack, Resident Services Director

Planetary Scientist Carl Sagan once said, “One of the greatest gifts adults can give – to their offspring and to their society – is to read to children.”

Putting books into the hands of children and forming meaningful intergenerational relationships is a priority for Arrow Senior Living communities! To support our efforts, we have launched what we call “Arrow Story Corner.” Each month a resident records the reading of a children’s book that highlights an “Arrow Tradition,” and these stories are shared online for all to hear. This tradition has grown from our company-wide Black History Month Story Corners, where residents all around Arrow Communities read children’s books highlighting black figures in history.

To support small businesses and literacy efforts, we host a fundraiser and partner with the EyeSeeMe Children’s Bookstore to purchase and donate copies of the books we read to local schools, and then a portion of our fundraising efforts also support The EyeSeeMe Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to create programs that increase childhood literacy for under-served communities and to promote African American History and multicultural literature that will increase respect and tolerance for diverse cultures.

This month, Gentry Park Senior Living is taking things a step further and embarking on the adventure of monthly Story Corner events in our community. One of our very own residents will read the Story Corner book of the month to children, as well as other residents, and share in a craft event and snack time. The featured book will then be added to our community library for residents to read to visiting grandchildren. A copy of the book will also be donated to local schools with which our community partners.

Many of our residents do not live near family or their grandchildren. Story Corner allows residents to have an interaction they may be missing. Reading and telling stories is a wonderful way to learn from one another, despite differences in background or age. Providing a safe place for storytelling allows many to break out of their shell, as well as promoting cognitive function, literacy, and reducing stress.

One of our residents was a local elementary school teacher and has recently been wanting to get her students to perform in our community. Story Corner would be a wonderful time to bring them in so she and fellow residents can spend time with the students. We are also close to the Bloomington Boys and Girls Club and would love to have them join us for this event.

One of our residents has read multiple times for the recording of Story Corner books and has been overjoyed each time. She is from an ethnically diverse family and does not live near many of her grandchildren. These books have celebrated people from different backgrounds, giving her a chance to spread the powerful messages to others. Through the recordings, her family was able to watch and read along with her.

Several of our residents enjoyed reading Goodnight Moon and Peter Rabbit to their children. Many grew up listening to Peter Rabbit and wanted to pass the story and memories down to their children.

All our Arrow communities encourage adults to give the gift of reading to youngsters. The relationships formed during the time spent between the reader and listener can be life changing for both generations.

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