December 23, 2022

Gentry Park Senior Living Celebrating 45 Days of Holiday Cheer

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Author: Lauren Ellegood, Resident Services Director

The Holiday Season is upon us and at Gentry Park Senior Living, we are celebrating in a big way! Many of the residents who call our community home spent decades of their lives creating memorable holiday traditions with their families, and it is our goal to celebrate all sorts of traditions to make our residents feel at home. Moments like these are what make the holiday season extra special.

We kicked off the 45 Days of Holiday Cheer on Thanksgiving with a Gratitude Book that allowed residents and staff to share thoughts on what they are most grateful for. In the weeks since, we have gathered to light the candles of the Advent Wreath to reflect on its blessings, enjoyed a cozy hot cocoa happy hour, polished our shoes for St. Nicholas, and learned about the Yule Lads, among other things! Our December Story Corner featured the children’s book, “A World of Cookies for Santa” and cookie recipes from around the world.

While many of the days are now behind us, the holiday cheer will continue through the end of December and into the first week of January, allowing our residents to enjoy plenty of classic Holiday traditions as well as new and exciting moments created by Arrow Senior Living and our own community team. To round out the 45-day extravaganza, the culinary team will take us on a special daily dining experience to highlight dishes themed around the 12 Days of Christmas!

When it comes to the 45 Days of Holiday Cheer, I always look forward to decorating with my residents. Our community loves to decorate for every holiday and season. They did a fantastic job on the community tree, filling it with homemade ornaments. They also decorated their apartment doors. It is nearly impossible to vote for the best one!

My favorite Christmas tradition with my family is decorating our eight-foot, forty-plus-year-old tree. Once the aged tree is put together, we begin going through boxes of personal ornaments from throughout the years. As kids, my sister and I would race to see who could put the most of their own ornaments on the front of the tree. I look back fondly on those moments with my mom and my sister. Another tradition of ours was to watch a Christmas movie and open pajamas on Christmas Eve.

We hope you have been following along on Facebook and Instagram as this joyous holiday adventure has unfolded, but even if you haven’t, it’s not too late to start!

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