8 Tips to Help Manage Dad’s Medications

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Have you noticed that Dad is more irritable than he used to be? Has there been a change in his sleeping patterns? These may be due to recent life-changing events, but they also could be signs of medication mismanagement.

According to a study published by PubMed, 87% of seniors take one prescription medication, 36% of seniors take five prescriptions or more, and 38% use over-the-counter medications.

Medication management will help avoid potential drug risks and reduce preventable adverse drug effects with medications used by seniors. To learn about eight tips for better medication management, CLICK HERE.

5 Signs of Parkinson’s Disease to Watch for in Seniors

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Parkinson’s disease (PD) isn’t always easy to spot at first, but it’s important to be aware of the symptoms early on as thousands of cases go undetected each year. Whether Mom’s hands are shaking more than normal or her movements are “delayed,” getting her symptoms checked out with a neurologist is the first step to getting the treatment she needs.

The Parkinson’s Foundation notes that about one million Americans live with PD, and approximately 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with it each year—meaning that approximately 1% of the population over 60-years-old has PD.

To learn more about the symptoms of PD, which may vary from person to person, CLICK HERE.