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What to do if your Siblings Deny Dad’s Need for Care

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If Dad’s health or capabilities are declining, it may be best for him to get the care he needs in an assisted living community setting. For some families, that can be a difficult choice to make. But while you may be on board about getting him the assistance he needs, are your siblings?

Denial can be a tricky thing to handle, especially when it comes to deciding what’s best for a loved one. Your siblings may not recognize the level of care Dad needs or may not agree on how best to get it. Disagreements also can arise over the responsibilities that each sibling will have or the costs of his care—but it’s essential to discuss the next steps with your family members.

First and foremost, keep your conversations focused on Dad’s safety and care. For more information on discussing tips for Dad’s situation, CLICK HERE.

How to be Smart in the Sun for Seniors

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Your skin is sure to change as you get older, but factors such as good nutrition, positive lifestyle choices, and lucky genetics can all help your skin stay bright and beautiful. Embrace your aging skin and keep it healthy with proper care. For tips on how to be smart in the sun, CLICK HERE.