Peace of Mind for residents and families.

Few things are as emotionally taxing as supporting a family member with advancing dementia – and when you decide you need help, finding the right memory care community can be equally challenging. At Gentry Park, our staff learns from dementia experts to give high-quality personalized care that is second to none. This means that you can step back from being the caregiver and return to being a son, daughter, spouse, or other loved one.

Memory Care Apartments

Memory care at Gentry Park consists of finding the right balance between residents having a private space to call their own and also participating in daily activity throughout the community. Memory care apartments were designed so residents can safely and easily navigate in addition to finding the necessities of life without trouble.

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Assigned Life Enrichment Coordinators

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Quality care begins with strong relationships. We partner life enrichment coordinators and residents – so personal bonds of trust and friendship can be fostered. By interacting with the same set of residents consistently, we are able to focus on developing communication skills unique to each resident and better identify small changes in health and wellness that could otherwise be missed.

One top-of-the-mind concerns for most families is finding a safe but welcoming community. The memory care cottage was designed to not just focus on comfort and ease of navigation, but on security. It is paramount to us, however, that residents do not feel like we are monitoring or restricting them, so we make every effort to integrate resident safety systems in discreet ways.


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Life Stations

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Life Stations™ are specialized activity stations that are positioned strategically throughout our memory care cottage. These stations are designed to resemble important aspects of life and prompt resident engagement and foster a sense of purpose.

Caring for a senior with memory loss is a hurdle that sometimes seems insurmountable. Because of this, it can feel like the only solution is to limit the senior’s activity for their own safety. But at Gentry Park we have the means and tools that many do not to do the difficult tasks to get residents re-engaged with life.


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Specialized Dining

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Appetite can take a nosedive when a senior suffers from Alzheimer’s. That’s why we implement a variety of techniques to excite the hunger of memory care residents. Our culinary team utilizes enticing aromas, new flavors with consistent timing, and encouragement when needed.

Things that were once routine are no longer so when suffering from Alzheimer’s. That’s why Gentry Park makes sure that every day our memory care residents get properly groomed and cleaned up so they are ready to face the day. Small things like a simple comb or washing the face can make a world of difference towards feeling like yourself again. Additionally, memory care residents get a weekly trip to the salon at no extra cost!

Salon Services

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Advanced Training

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Providing care for residents with dementia is a highly specialized skill – one that we develop with best courses in empathy, communication, and personal care.

The memory care leadership at Gentry Park is selected because of their knowledge base, interpersonal capabilities, and heart. They are equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and proven effective techniques, not to mention a drive to care for those in need.

Memory Care Leadership

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